The Purple Rain - 4 Play Mini Couples Kit 

"Omg YES! It was my first rabbit style toy so didn't know what to expect but it's how I learned how to squirt so *chef kiss*. Charges easy, super soft touch. Highly recommend" - Anon. 

Brown Sugar - The Curvy Power Stud

"Ok so it's willy crush Wednesday and the only willy I've been crushing on recently is the "curved crusader", they say less is more and they weren't wrong, don't be fooled by its simplicity its incredibly powerful" - Juicysquirtyparties

Django's Vibrating Dong

"We all know how stressful things have been recently with "tha Rona" but this toy has been the perfect distraction. Standing at an impressive 7.5 inches this toy really packed a punch :). The dildo is bendy and firm with lifelike veins around it. The vibtrations flow from the base to the tip and had my toes throwing up gang signs. I enjoyed this dildo ALOT and if you are looking for the real Django action I suggest you grab one too! - Amethyst