A Little About Tantric Sex

So, although Tantra has been around a really, REALLY long time, many people have only ever heard about Tantra and Tantric sex because of singer, Sting. Tantra, however, actually has very little to do with sex and is actually more about spirituality. Tantric sex IS a real thing and is a whole experience within itself. I believe Tantric sex has become popular in recent years for a couple of reasons. One of the main reasons for that is it’s “outside of the box”. You can try the different positions, you can try the different places, but this gives you an entirely different WAY to do sex! It’s intriguing! And the benefits are amazing! Here are a few things to know about Tantric sex…

-Orgasm isn’t the goal, it’s actually about prolonging your orgasm and feeling a deep connection

-It focuses on very slow intercourse

-Because women generally take longer to get aroused than men, tantric sex is actually more aligned with the feminine sexual response. This is definitely something to consider

-It has an emphasis on synchronized breathing, touching, eye contact, and intimacy with your partner

-It is a way to really increase intimacy

-If you DO happen to reach orgasm, it can help lead you to seriously powerful orgasms

-It can help you release sexual blocks

-It can help you improve communication with your partner

Source: https://www.shakinacooley.com
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